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Bush Tucker and Sensory Garden

Playing in the bush tucker/sensory garden, 2018.

In 2015, thanks to a grant from a local Jamberoo Landcare group, our school began planning for a bush tucker and sensory garden in the garden area in front of the northernmost block of classrooms. This garden area was chosen for two reasons: firstly, because our students already enjoy playing in this garden and secondly, it is available for play any time the playground is open (unlike the oval and forest, which are only available during second half of lunch and some recess periods).  

The challenges with this garden include the fact that it is a partial shade garden. Many bush tucker plants need full sun. We decided to choose appropriate plants for a partial shade garden, choosing a semi-rain forest feel. Fortunately, we already had two tree ferns and a birds' nest fern that were available to incorporate into this new garden. Many thanks to the Burnett family for your advice on what might work for this location. 

The concept of "a walk through history" was decided on for the garden in 2015. A walking track has been created, in recognition that "Jamberoo" means "walking track" and an important Wadi Wadi walking track is said to have gone through the Jamberoo area. The track represents the history of the local area, with Indigenous culture represented at the beginning of the track, and then on to the early industries and settlers of the area, and finally to today's society at the end of the trail. Many thanks to Mrs Marlou Williams, who, with the help of each year group, coordinated the making of mosaic tiles to represent "a walk through history." These tiles were laid along the track. Mrs Williams has begun with the Kindergarteners in September 2106, creating a mosaic that showed cows, representing the dairying industry, and the stone walls of the area. She will then moved on to work with Year 6 students, whose mosaic tile will show a Jamberoo village scene. In 2017 she worked with the rest of the year groups. 

Many thanks also to the local 'Green Army' group who have put in a lot of behind-the-scenes work, moving plants and planting our new bush tucker and sensory plants in the garden, and especially for making our "walking track" in August 2016!

Here are our "before" photos. See the photo gallery for some 'after' photos.